Seattle meets Sicily. Salted caramel ice cream, tiramisu, Seattle caramel corn, chocolate drizzle, whipped cream. Delizioso! 19

Candy Esplosione. M&M’s, seasonal ice cream, chocolate, pretzels, rock candy, chocolate peanut, butter brownie, Kit&Kat, Twix, swirl lollipop, whipped cream, chocolate drizzle. It’s like licking a unicorn! 19

Nutella Seduzione. Nutella cheesecake, chopped hazelnuts, death by chocolate ice cream, chocolate drizzle, dark chocolate shavings, swirl lollipop, whipped cream. Seduction alert! 17

Seasonal Sundaes Available!


Just like our pizzas, the sundaes are made with love and worth the wait. Please allow 10min.